Miss Lebonan Muslim Lady in Modern Bikin Vs Miss Nepal in Grandma's Swimsuit
At this 21st century Nepal is still in Old Concept and Uncivilized. In Nepal various women organisation has a problem over Miss Nepal Contest specially for the swimsuit round because they say its a culture but I don't understand where the hell is their culture when there are thousands of Nepali Female Models and Girls giving topless photo shoot and publishing in the various websites? There are so many pornographic type of photos of Nepali models who published their photos with pride and there are no objections of culture for these so called women organisations. The problem of Nepal is concept. We call it modern Nepal but where is modernization? Today the Islamic countries like Pakistan and Arab who confined their women within the threshold in " Burkha " are being modern and competitive with the rest of the world. They are giving equal rights to women to take part in everything. And now Islamic women are hoisted in every arena of public competition. Human body is a gift of God and women are made beautiful in order to make earth a beautiful living planet. There is no wrong in wearing bikinis or swimsuits. The wrong is, view of people and their old concept. Miss Nepal participants need more encouragement and professional training so that they can give up the feeling the shyness of wearing bikinis on the ramps. Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth are big platform to represent Nepal. And Nepal should properly utilize this opportunity to show the world that the Nepalese Girls the most beautiful girl by nature. The Nepalese societies need more education about today's world, about the modern thinking and perception. Moreover, Nepalese girls who are taking part in Miss Nepal should have well set of mind that it is a beauty pageant and you are going to represent Nepal. Remember Bikini round is the most important section in any world beauty contest so you have to be prepared to wear two piece bikini with full confidence to show the world that the Nepalese are modern now. And we are capable to win the title.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sita Pariyar First Nepali Stripper in USA

For people who do not know ' Stripper ', Stripper or Stripping means taking off clothes and posing fully nude for video photoshoot is called Stripping, and the one who does it are called Stripper. Sita Pariyar who is a temporary immigrant in US has became a professional stripper. Source said that finding her doing this for money her relatives have left her for good. Well, many other in online comments said; its her personal life so she has right to live as the way she want it. Its a daring act of Sita, actually in South Asia like in India or in Pakistan This kind of stripping is done by only those girls who do not have family or relatives so that no one is affected or suffers the stigma of fame and prestige. But Sita Should think before she do this, What her parents, father, brother, relatives feel when they see her nude videos and photos everywhere on the net. How they will feel in the society? 


  1. Hey stripper Sita,
    Although u r a daughter of a Damain, u represent the entire Nepalese people in America. So, will it be nice if I have seduction with u so that u will give birth to 5 children for me and that's from nowhere but from yur vagina.

    See u soon

  2. Nepali should changed in every sector
    also changed the mind also which represent whole country

  3. U have really shown that women from lowly-rated ethnic groups of Nepal also have got capacity to easily strip in public places outside the country.

    1. You are wrong in your jugdement and should stop projecting your insceurities on to others. Also, in my opinion. You should stop surfing & watching trash porn and go out to meet Real people ( especially a woman). You will be surprized at what a woman will do behind closed doors and in the presents of an open mind.

  4. To all, I'm a man of the worid and in all my time I've never come across any person I would even think of calling let alone saying " Are of a Lowly - Rated Ethnic Group" as was stated by an earlier poster said of Ms.Sita Pariyar. I've had the pleasure of the company of women from around the world { Nepal, India, and Iran to state afew }, but none where ever from that class casting no matter how much or how little economically she was raised. We are all the same, Human.


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